Closer than we think!

With the busy every day life with all the expectations set for us, it’s easy to forget why we live. That’s a clichè, but there is some truth in it. Like it or not, you only live once and as far as we know that’s a fact. If in your late 20s there is a high chance that «oh my god, where did the 20s go?» thought has crossed your mind. You start talking about memories, only to realise it’s 6 – 7 or maybe 10 years ago.

So let’s agree on one thing, if you wan’t to do something. Why don’t do it? I mean, there is a point in life where you don’t got the same access to a opportunity, or opportunities. Why wait to do something you wan’t to do, and don’t lie to yourself with «I am just waiting for the right moment».

For us this means we are going to to what we love the most. Travel, see animals and new cultures, while we share it to the world. Simple as that.
We delivered our applacation for unpaid leave yesterday – we realized a big part of our travelplans is already paid for.

I guess all those late nights planning got their worth then.

Let’s go.

PS: We are rolling out the news to our families and friends soon, and by the end of February we are going completly official. (Let the worries begin)

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Hi, I am Therese. I recently quit my job to travel the world with my hubbie. I like to write about animals, living in the moment and experiences I feel alter something in my life.I like adventures, animals and living in the moment. You don't have to sacrifice the future to be able to enjoy whats in front of you, and my goal is to show people that it's possible to both.Don't hesitate to send me a message about anything that crosses your mind. I will happily provide travel tips too.

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